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Issue: Binance futures trades are not all received




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    VolFix Support Team


    Volfix use all traders with any price precision.

    This is can be connection problem.

  • Midnight


    If Volfix use all trades with any precision, then this should definetly be a connection issue indeed.

    The problem here, is that, as you can see on previous post picture, i don't have this connection issue on other platforms (CSCalp/Tiger Trage, like in picture, or even sierra chart or others).
    I can definetly exclude my own setup from the equation here, since i have an extremly stable connection and setup. Plus the issue described above is consistent only for the Volfix Terminal.

    So the question is then: Do trade data is served from Volfix servers or do the data comes directly from Binance ?

    Option 1: Binance -> Volfix Server (store and redistribute data) -> Volfix Terminal (display data to user)
    Option 2: Binance -> Volfix Terminal (display data to user)

    If Option 1 is used then, this mean that your servers have a connection issue to Binance feeds (or maybe an issue to redistrubute the actual live data)
    If Option 2 is used then, this mean that Volfix Terminal has an issue processing live data feed from Binance

    Hope this could help to point where the issue comes from.
    Again, i'm available if you need "help" to isolate the issue.



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